How much do you charge for an Astrological Conversation?


Do you record your sessions?

Yes, if you would like.

I don’t know the time of my birth. Can you still work with my natal chart?

Since I have not mastered the art of rectification (by which some astrologers find the likely time of someone’s birth) I do not think it would be ethical to work with your chart without this information.

What type of astrology do you practice?

I practice a blend of psychological and evolutionary astrology. I think of astrological symbols as archetypical, so I regard them as expressions of natural psycho-spiritual patterns. The evolutionary aspect has to do with my guiding values — I am convinced that consciousness determines the actual manifestation of the potential expressed by any astrological configuration. Also, I approach natal charts as maps for a well lived life, meaning a life that will take us in the next steps of our development, growth and evolution.

Do you work with natal charts only? Do you do transits, progressions, synastry and others?

I will focus on your natal chart. There is plenty of information there! But I will most definitively look at transits and how they are relating to your chart at the moment of our meeting. Under special circumstances I will discuss synastry and other relationship charts. If this is your particular interest, send me a note and we will discuss. For any conversation about relationships I will ask for the agreement of both parties involved.

What about your astrology based coaching offering? How does that work?

Using our shared understanding of your natal chart, I will challenge/support you into taking the one next step you are in need to take. I make an emphasis on “next step” as opposed to using the usual coaching language of “transformation”. Astrology does not help us get “transformed” — if anything, astrology truly helps if it guides us to be more deeply ourselves. Coaching agreements (length, fees, logistics, goals) vary a lot depending on what will serve both of us at a particular moment. If you are interested in exploring coaching, send me a note and we can set up time to chat.

I don’t believe in astrology but I am curious about it. What do you suggest?

I don’t believe in conventional astrology either. Luckily for both of us, our curiosity keeps us open-minded. If you would like to learn more about astrology in general and your natal chart in particular, I would say: go for it! If you enjoy symbols and stories, “belief” is not necessary. Think about it: aren’t the most meaningful things in life hardly quantifiable and factual?

How can planetary positions have anything to do with you and me?

I don’t know — Interconnectedness… Electromagnetic Fields… The mystery of “as above, so below”…     The magnificent perfection and poetry of creation… God’s love of math?

I really don’t know. Not with my mind.