How is Astrology Most Useful?

At some point or another, we will be faced with the tremendous mystery at the core of our own hearts and we will be called to figure out workable answers to questions like:

How can I best live this strange life of mine?

What kind of person should I be, and what kinds of things should I be doing, in order to FEEL truly alive?

Finding good answers to these questions is true medicine; living the answers to these questions is high wisdom — and it is here where astrology can offer some guidance.

It is very important for me to state this very clearly: the kind of astrology I find useful and honest will not attempt to give us easy answers, and it certainly will not attempt to tell us who we are or what will happen to us.

The real power of astrology is that it offers us images that speak with great symbolic generosity about how we are wired in the depths of our being. In this way, astrology creates a space for our imagination — which is one of our soul’s favorite languages — to guide us in the expression of our sacred uniqueness.

Astrology mirrors our subjective experiences and it does so with a “magical” twist; where we may see ourselves as odd, struggling, complicated creatures, astrology will show us that we are nothing less than the heroes of our own lives. Astrology will demonstrate that, in fact, our stories are perfectly embedded within a Larger Story and perfectly supported by the natural wisdom of creation, cycles and time.

cropped-starry-night-1149815_1280.jpg“The privilege of a life time is being who you are” – Joseph Campbell


These are my offerings:

ASTROLOGICAL CONVERSATIONS – I will spend some time with you (usually about 1 hour and a half) and we will talk about the symbols of astrology and how they interact in your natal chart, which is a map of the planetary positions at the moment of your birth.  I will not give you a reading; instead, you and I will have an ‘Astrological Conversation’ and our aim will be to find the place of meaning where your personal story meets the sky.

ASTROLOGY BASED COACHING –  I am a trained coach and I would be honored (and delighted!) to accompany you for a while as you follow your natal chart’s guidance. Good coaching is helpful; astrology based coaching is profoundly supportive. Using our shared understanding of your natal chart, I will challenge/support you into taking the one next step you are in need to take. I make an emphasis on “next step” as opposed to using the usual coaching language of “transformation”. Astrology does not help us get “transformed” – if anything, astrology truly helps if it guides us to be more deeply ourselves.


path-to-the-lake-at-night“Free will is the ability to do gladly that which I must do” – C. G. Jung